Monday, August 20, 2007

Mr.Patrick Aziza, Director, Swift Card Consults Payment Center

Attn:Melinda Ann Camp,

Your informations was noted and Following the approval and Remit instruction received by the various approval ministry , we the DIRECTOR, ATM PAYMENT DEPARTMENT also received from the Federal Ministry Of Finance (FMF) to credit your account by ATM card without further delay. However, we have gone through the file carefully and ascertain it to be correct, hence we will be starting the programming of your card Asap.

In regards to this email,We wish to let you know that we have four ATM Card, EazyCard, Mastercard,ValuCard, WebSurfer, This card will be issued to you and it will be delivered to you VIA RoyaCompany l as soon as we receive your email.

However, You have to choose one of the card's and get back to us immediately and we shall advice you on what next to do to enable us proceed with the delivery and issue the card out with your information.





Kindly get back to us as soon as you receive this mail and let us know the one you wish to receive so that we can proceed immediately and advice you on what to do.

Mr.Patrick Aziza,
Director, Swift Card Consults Payment Center
Phone number to call +234 808 439 6454

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